Pretty Vixen Defense

Helping women to defend themselves with style.


At Pretty Vixen Defense we give you a stylish way to arm and defend yourself through the products we offer. Although we as women like to express ourselves with color and sparkle, we still need to know our gear will protect us when we need it most. Each product sold through our company has been personally tested by our employees and is something that we would use and/or carry ourselves. 

Who we are

We are a women's self defense products company that believes you shouldn't have to give up style to be able protect yourself.  So go ahead and wear that cute dress, or buy your favorite colored purse, cause we've got the products to match your style!

Stun Guns & Tasers'

Concealed carry purses

Keychains & Peppersprays

Pretty Vixen Defense; Helping women defense themselves in style.